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About Anthony

In 2014, I deep-dove into voice overs when I started a project that called for a very specific sound. I had worked on graphic/motion graphics for years, often for Fortune 500 companies — and brought my story-telling abilities to my YouTube channel. Since then, the animations with my voice have collectively made tens of millions of views. I've also voiced and animated some comedy pieces, with more on the way.

As I further grow into commercial voice work, my goal is to match my skills with clients and offer my work ethic, creativity and vocal range to a whole new audience.  My voice reel is always growing, so please be on the look out for more commercial content.

My versatile voice is ideal for cartoons and comedy — and can also be used in commercial work! My normal speaking voice has a warm, friendly tone, but I have the ability to make gravelly or higher pitched voices with different accents — English, Scottish, Boston/NYC, Southern and just plain crazy!

I'm a great pick for audio books, commercials, explainer videos and presentations in addition to cartoons and comedy. Be sure to listen to my demos to get an idea of my capabilities. Please read my Frequently-Asked-Questions for more details.

Looking for something different?

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Frequently Asked Questions

Standard delivery time, upon receipt of final script and payment, is 2 days and includes 2 standard revisions. Expedited delivery is available for an additional charge.

Rates are calculated by word count. Other factors that determine the final cost include:

  • Extra Fast Delivery: 1 Day
  • Additional Revisions
  • Script Proofreading
  • Background Music
  • Timed Audio Sync
  • Where the audio will be used
  • Full Broadcast Rights
  • Character Reads – Requiring alteration of natural speaking voice
  • Production Services to edit or clean up audio and split files
All voice over projects are required to be pre-paid before recording. Once we have the final script with all your requirements for the project, we will send you an invoice. We accept credit cards and PayPal upon request.

NON-BROADCAST USAGE: Rates are buy-out (unlimited usage).

BROADCAST & INTERNET USAGE: TV, RADIO and INTERNET COMMERCIALS have a 12 month license from date of record. You will need a separate license for each form of media usage. Buyout in perpetuity (unlimited usage), is available, please contact us for pricing.

A broadcasting license for INTERNET COMMERCIAL must be purchased for any spot that will be run on any websites outside the client website.
Revisions must be requested within 3 days of delivery. Otherwise your order will be considered to be completed. After this stage, any edits call for a new work order — and extra charges. All revisions need to be time-stamped so I can easily pinpoint what areas need revisions.
The first two revisions cover: Adding pauses Shortening pauses Deleting words Adding a word If there’s a need to revise the script further, there will be charges based on additional words. If the audio needs to be redone in a different style or tone, there will be further charges as well.
Out-of-the-ordinary names, places, company names, terms/other words must have a clear explanation BEFORE the project begins. Without an explanation, the project faces delays. If a pronunciation explanation isn’t given in a timely manner and the voice over needs edits… extra charges occur.
The cost for background music covers a track with a 2 minute duration. If the voice file is 30 minutes long, the track can be looped at no additional charge. However, if new music is required for the voice file, there are more charges.
Once I’ve voiced your project, new requirements wil cost an additional fee and delay the project.
No, my pricing reflects my best rate. My pricing reflects the fair value of my voice work.
If there are multiple tracks that need to be named precisely, be sure to contact me up front so that I can deliver them with the appropriate names.
I will not voice anything that falls within these categories. Thank you for your understanding!